Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Christmas Eve Morning....."

Bridget, Tracie, and Evie, came over Christmas Eve morning, bringing us gifts (a bottle of Apple Brandy, cookies and a Christmas photo card). We have such good neighbors! :) I had knitted Evie a little sweater ornament which she opened when here, and did quite well in hiding her disappointment in finding it not being something "really good". ;) She was ready to open more of the packages that were under the tree, and when I told her they were for people who lived here, she immediately, with not one second of hesitation, said she lived here! LOL

Sean, Evie, Bridget, and Tracie. Sean and Evie became quite good friends in a VERY short time.....and you will soon see why.

Bridget and Tracie are VERY good neighbors as I said before. They brought their nail clippers over with them and trimmed Copper's nails. Copper was handsomely rewarded for her cooperation with a big pigs ear treat. :)

Evie trying on the hat Sean was wearing. Nope, not having a good time at all.......

And the fun continued with her walking up his torso and performing a somersault. (NUMEROUS TIMES!!!)

The agony of preparing to was quite the process.

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MollyBeees said...

What a little cutie! Kids really do make the holiday holidayier! Any word on the Madison Club job?