Friday, December 5, 2008

"Benjamin's Baptism....."

We went to Benjamin's baptism a few weeks ago. It had been a VERY long time since I had been to one......since my daughters baptism, in fact, 23 years ago. :)

Here we have Angela's family: from left to right are Angela, Andy holding Benjamin, her mother Brenda, brother Josh, and father Benny.

And Andy's family: Left to right are his father Larry, mother Becky, Angela, Andy holding Benjamin, sister in law, Kristina, and brother Jeff, with their 2 children, Allison and David. Jeff and Kristina are Benjamin's godparents.

Also attending the baptism from left to right are: me, Rob, Romona, Lee, and her husband David.

Neighborhood photo, left to right: Don, me, Andy holding Benjamin, Angela, and Rob.

Friends of our neighbors Lonny and Charlie also had their daughter baptized at the same time. From left to right are: Matt, Emily holding Addie, Andy holding Benjamin, and Angela.

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