Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Christmas Morning......"

How bad is it that I have to wake up Sean on Christmas morning in order to open presents? :) He IS a night owl now, but I do remember when he was young, Cindy and I would be awakened by all 3 kids, all of whom had been awake for quite awhile (I'm pretty sure Sean was the 1st one to wake up and went and got the others), but hesitated waking us, until they couldn't stand it any longer. :) Is THIS a picture, or what? LOL

In the beginning, there were the stockings to check out......after we could keep Sean awake, that is......

Don went and got a treat (pigs ear) for Copper, putting it in my stocking for her to take it out. Notice the TV screen? That was our roaring fire for opening presents. :)

Hope springs eternal for Copper. When she hears paper crinkling/crunching, or packages being unwrapped, she "hopes" it's food. :)

This little stocking stuffer of Don's became quite the hit of the day, as you will see in a later post. In case you are having a hard time reading the label, it is called "Let'er Rip". The "goo" inside, makes "noises" when fingers are stuck in.......I'll let your imagination take that information and run......er, rip.

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