Thursday, December 11, 2008

"Modeling Hats...."

This is yesterday's dyed yarn all knit up into a Cossack, of course, saw that right away? I also washed/felted it the same night that I finished knitting it. So far, I have washed the hat 5-6 times, and also put it in the will not felt down as far as it should!!!!!! It has felted, but not even close to what it should......... I plan on trying some more, so time will tell. I will be measuring it before I put it in the washer/dryer again, though, to make sure it does "something", otherwise I will have to think of some other use for it. A tea pot cozy for example? UGH! Frustration!!!!

While on errands together last Saturday, we went into Fontana Sport Specialties, on State Street, where Don proceeded to look for a number of clothing articles to replace the ones he now wears when he walks to and from work. I saw this hat and suggested he try it on. It took a few more times suggesting it, until he gave in and humored me, and tried it on. I LOVED it on him!!! He hesitantly went to look in a mirror and finally agreed with me that it did "have a look". ;) He is now the proud (AND warm!!!) owner of this new "Trapper's Hat".

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MollyBeees said...

Isn't it sacreligious for Donn to wear a fur hat when you do such beautiful knitwork. I must admit, it does look great on him-quite the 'mountain' man thing he's got going on!