Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"Saylorville Thanksgiving....."

One of Don's great greats (not sure how many, nor exactly what relationship).....was a potter and quite famous. The last name was Chandler and these 2 miniatures are his work.

Camryn and I got along quite well until she got a little hungry.

The usual and satisfying talk after dinner. From left to right, cousin Carol, her husband Larry, their daughter Jenny, me, and Don.

Jenny's husband Paul, managed to get in a "power nap" during all the commotion. His daughter Camryn, lay next to him.

Grandma Carol holding Camryn, while daughter Jenny holds daughter Evelyn. ;) Kelly's husband Eric, and daughter Marika in the background.

We had a very nice holiday with the Des Moines relatives. Good conversation......good food.....good times......

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