Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Christmas Prep......."

On Saturday, we brought the stored Christmas trees up from the basement and began unpacking the multi limb structures. We'd not used our 9' tree in the sun room for the past few years because of having Zack's play stand taking up a large area. Since Zack is now happily living outside of Sun Prairie, WI, we have the room to once again decorate "BIG". :)

When living with Don, there is an ever present chance of having one's photo taken, regardless of having freshly showered/shaved....or not, as was the case Saturday morning. He keeps me in photos for this blog, so I really have no complaints. :) Here begins the process of taking the many branches out of their storage bags, deciding which ones were the correct ones for which section of the many long a time attaching them. :) It is not a thankless job, though, as you will soon see. ;)

Copper was a big help throughout the process, keeping me company, and was quite the observant supervisor (when she could keep her eyes open).

Ahhhhh, the candid shot.....I am "fluffing" the branches of the tree prior to attaching them to the trunk.

The finished decorated tree. It did take both Saturday and Sunday to finish, as we didn't push ourselves. One is supposed to enjoy getting ready for the holiday's, not turn it into "work". ;) I think Copper pushed herself too much while supervising.......she was exhausted!

Another view.......

This is the tree seen through our shower's glass block window. Wouldn't it be spectacular if the tree really did have those many lights?

Decorating continued tomorrow.......


MollyBeees said...

Very pretty!!!! Decided not to go with the outdoor aluminum tree this year, eh? I'm not'll catch on!:-)

Amy said...

I must of missed something...Zack's no longer with you? We drove past the new house last week. It's really cool looking.