Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Busy Tuesday........"

Yesterday was a fairly busy day for me.....I've always have busy days, but this one involved going other places. :)

While home in the morning, I plied some yarn singles that I had spun on Monday. From the 2 previous bobbins of plied yarn, I have 156 yards of yarn, so when these 3 others are skeined up, I should have close to 400 yards total. My original goal when beginning spinning, was to spin yarn thin enough for sock yarn. I have come close enough to achieving that, so this time, I wanted to try and spin a heavier yarn, which this is. I'm not sure what I will use this yarn for, but am planning on dyeing it and possibly using it for a felted piece.

As I left the house before noon, I had a few errands to run before going to Cindy's, a co-worker of Don's. I have been a member of Ravelry for awhile, but was having trouble navigating the site. Cindy is also a member and uses it quite a bit, so I had asked her to go through it with me. I feel like a dunce now, as it is pretty simple. I don't know what was confusing me, but hopefully, I am now past that. :)

Cindy and Steve had a wood burning stove installed not long ago and I wanted to take a photo of it to show Don. So why not show you as well, eh? Even though it isn't one of the biggest stove available, it packs a heated punch! The house was warm and cozy, bringing back fond memories of my heating the cabin with first a wood burning fireplace insert, and then a pellet stove insert.

My next stop was the new Sequoya Branch Library that opened in its new location not long ago. It was my first visit there, so having the camera, a few photos were taken. Not all of the libraries "stock" is available (they're busily unpacking more each day), but the facility is beautiful and I am happy to have it back and open. I even "requested" 5 books while there, all due back at different times, so have those to look forward to as well.

My last stop prior to going home, was to pick up Rosa from school, as I did last Tuesday. This photo is when she walked out at the end of class, before going to her locker. She'd knitted another row on her beginning piece of knitting, but yesterday, she wanted to draw instead of knit more. She has her own drawing pad of paper, but I got out my box of 50 colored pencils and she went to town. ;)

A bit of humor......Becky had remembered in the morning that I was picking up Rosa, but had forgotten she was at our house by the time she left work. When she walked into the classroom at school to pick up Rosa, the teachers all panicked when they saw her! Obviously all was fine, but Becky felt silly, since she'd brought Rosa's car seat into school in the morning, but had just forgotten that with her busy day and it being a break in habit. As Charlie would say...."It's all good". We, of course, had a nice time, with Rosa drawing while I made fudge to take for Thanksgiving, and later, getting to finish the DVD of Simba's Pride that we'd started last week. :)

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Maniphone said...

I can't wait to get into the library. It's beautiful! I went there all the time with Simon when we lived in Madison.