Friday, November 21, 2008

"I Forgot!!!!!"

Don and I went out for coffee at Ancora's on Monroe Street yesterday. It is a Thursday "thing" for us to do, as the weekly paper, the Isthmus, comes out on Thursday, which we want "hot off the press!". :) Sheila surprised us by showing up to visit, knowing we'd be there.

I asked Don to show Sheila the photo of him with Georgie, the kissing llama, from our Dumgoyne Farm visit. He said it wasn't on my blog! For some reason, I'd forgotten to finish up the farm visit photos and had moved onto to another topic the following day after starting the farm blog!

So, I am going to rectify this today and finish the earlier farm visit photos.

Here I am with Jacqui and her great Pyrenees dog, Clara.

As I said, Georgie is a "kissing" llama. He comes right up and puts his face in your face. He is definitely NOT shy! ;)

Here is Jacqui's other llama with Clara by his side. Clara gets along with everyone at the farm. I don't remember this llamas name, but he has quite the lions mane, eh?

Georgie had to greet Don, too! I think he liked Don better, as he seemed to "want" more from Don. LOL

Here are some of the sheep of Dumgoyne Farm. Today I'm showing "fleece on the hoof". Next week, I'll show you it shorn, washed, some dyed, but all in bags. :)

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MollyBeees said...

Great photos! Did you know that llamas 'identify' each other (and you and Don) by your breath? That's why, if they're not shy, they go right for your face. Kinda scary at first but I've never heard of anyone having their face eaten off my a llama... although the photo of Don wouldn't take much photoshopping to look like a full fledge rabid llama attack! :-)