Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Dumgoyne Farm Visit....."

We met a veterinary professor, Mary, at our neighbor Tracie's graduation party last Spring or early last Summer, who has a friend, Jacqui, that is the owner of Dumgoyne Farm. Her farm animals, many of whom are retired research animals, are her passion. She also sells wool (a local source!!!).....thus her friend Mary's suggestion that we contact her for a farm visit/tour. We did and finally made the trip last Sunday.

What a fantastic place! We spent over 3 hours with Jacqui, seeing all of her animals, both inside the house and outside in the barns, pastures, and woodlot. Unfortunately, we did not take any photos of her inside "friends" (except the dogs who accompanied us on the tour), which include 2 parrots, a number of finches, a parakeet, 2 huge tanks of enormous goldfish, and at least 1 cat......more cats are outside as well.

In the photo below, we are walking through some of her "fenced in" 40 acres to find the Icelandic Sheep. She has a small flock, and as you may remember, I enjoy spinning Icelandic Wool. The sheep are in the distance through the trees. Double click the photo to see them better.

We're in one of the barns with Mocha, her small pony, but she also has 2 horses. Behind Don and Jacqui are the Icelandic rams, who also came in the barn hoping for attention or a treat.

Jacqui and Mocha prior to our entry into the barn, where we saw the numerous types of fowl she has.. Clara Beau is her Great Pyrenees dog.....VERY friendly. :)

The goat barn (no milkers in this group!).

The Icelandic rams.

More to follow......

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