Monday, November 24, 2008

"The Wools/Colors....."

I went back to visit Jacqui at Dumgoyne Farm again last Wednesday, and took along my spinning wheel. Jacqui spins, but was not happy with the yarn she was was too bulky in her opinion, and she wanted to learn how to spin "thinner". We spun together, with me showing her how I did it..........there isn't necessarily only one way of doing it, and she was able to spin a thinner yarn single. As with anything, the more practice, the easier it will become.

These are our 2 wheels, set up in the sun. Mine, a Kromski Minstrel, and hers, an Ashford Kiwi.

I also took some photos of some of the wool she has dyed. There are a few carded batts on the right side/middle shelf, but she mainly has bags of dyed wool that will need to be carded before spinning. The carder is shown in another photo.

More dyed wool, plus some of the dyes she uses.

Jacqui is opening the bags of dyed wool, so that when I take a photo, the colors will show more easily. The drum carder is in the foreground. Simply told, the wool is fed by way of the metal platform in the front until the little drum grabs it, which takes it to the big drum, spreading it thin, and aligning the wool fibers together in one direction, forming a batt.

More dyed wool......

And more.......

And yet more........

I thought I'd snap a photo of the lunch Jacqui whipped up for us because it was so colorful and festive.....AND flavorful, too!!! :)

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Maniphone said...

Wow! What a day you guys had! Beautiful colors too!