Tuesday, November 25, 2008

"Some Knitting Stuff......"

I had knitted "wrist warmers" for Tracie and Bridgett. Evie saw them, fell in love with them, and kept putting theirs on even though they were too big for her. On their way to the park the other day, they stopped by to say hi, at least "That" was the reason she told Tracie and Bridgett. ;) I don't think she even got the word "hi" out, before she asked me to make her a pair of wrist warmers. It was tooooo FUNNY!

I found a wrist warmer "pattern generator" online, which will create a pattern when given specific data. I was able to use the smallest numbers available on it and get a child size wrist warmer pattern. They are easy and a quick knit, so Evie had her pair the next morning. Here she is with the little package to unwrap.

YES! Success.....I have my own pair!!!!! And purple, too!!!! :) Copper looks on, wishing it were food so easily attainable.

Tracie, Bridgett, and Evie, spent last weekend with Bridgett's family, celebrating Thanksgiving early. According to Tracie, Evie wore her wrist warmers all weekend, or when they finally got them off of her, she told everyone about them, again and again. It is nice to have such a big fan of my work. :)

I also knitted a hooded jacket to give to Andy and Angela, for Benjamin's baptism gift. I love the knitting part, but "finishing" is not a favorite thing of mine. Perseverance is the key. :(

Here is the finished jacket. It is much too large for Benjamin to wear now, but should fit him next fall.


Maniphone said...

I love the jacket...so cute! Great pictures of Evie too! What an expressive face!

MollyBeees said...

Too cute! What a little angel! And what a great friend you are to make such great gifts for the little ones!