Monday, November 3, 2008

"Halloween Costumes......"

Neighbors Bridgett and Tracie stopped by with their dogs, Ginger and Cheyenne, to show us their costumes. No, not Tracie and Bridgett, but the dogs. :)

Here is Cheyenne.....Arrrrrgh!

And Ginger, with Bridget, Tracie, and Cheyenne in tow......

Barb braided her hair so that when combed out, she'd have "BIG HAIR". This, of course, took planning and had to be done on Thursday so that her hair would "set". IT WAS BIG!!!! Here she is holding Benjamin, who is "Sock Monkey", as Geoff looks on. He'll get into the costume act a bit later.......

Neighbor Sanjaya (in the gold top hat) and friends.....

Barb with Geoff, in the "traveling hair".......(to be understood as we progress).

Rob with Lonny in the "traveling hair".

Obama and McCain also stopped by.....twice actually. They'd come by earlier for some candy and then stopped as the evening was winding down for another few "hand fulls". ;) That is Charlie along side Obama.

And here we have our local fire fighter, Michael, talking to "Afro Lonny".

The "Insinkerator" stopped by, too. It was a really creative costume. He had banana peels stuck on his legs, along with other garbage, while on top of his hat, was the drain stopper. Dad would have fit in well with our crowd....notice the "bottles"? Perhaps they'll stop by on a normal Friday. ;) Copper was intrigued with all the "new people" that evening......

Neighbors from the "other end" of the block, Kira and her daughter Lena, also made an appearance.

Friends Rosa (pictured), and her Mom Becky, made their annual Halloween stop, too. They happened to be here when Kira and Lena stopped. Come to find out, Rosa and Lena are classmates. :)

Big Hair Barb, and Charlie in the "traveling hair"........

Early in the evening, Kim brought Ruby down to show us her Raggedy Ann costume. Our friend Jess (coming up the steps), also paid us a visit.

And all the way from North Dakota.......Henry and Simon! No, they were not in town, but I received a few photos from Maniphone/Jonathan showing the boys in their costumes.

I'd say we had a pretty good turn out of "Trick or Treaters" this year. Certainly more than last year. We also had a larger gathering on the deck as well......I suppose that was because Halloween happened to land on a Friday night. :)
More photos of that evening tomorrow. I wanted to have all of the costumes posted at one time, so no one would feel left out. :)


June said...

Oh how fun! We had zero trick or treaters and now I have this bag of candy. . . I like your method a lot better! :)

MollyBeees said...

Oh! All of the costumes are great but that Raggedy Ann is the cutest thing I've seen in a long time! I sure did miss my trick or treaters this year!