Friday, October 31, 2008

"Continued Construction....."

Believe it or not, the following photos show only 2 days of construction on the walls. Each wall or panel arrived complete and is lifted into place, attached, and they move onto the next one. VERY cool!

These first 2 were taken near the end of day 1. This one from the intersection of Cross Street and Briar Hill, showing the front.

And this one towards the rear of the house from Briar Hill, where the driveway will enter the lot. I'm told there will not be a garage, but will have a carport.

Day 2 from the rear of the house.

A side view on day 2 from Briar Hill.

This truly is an amazing process. I am anxious to actually be able to walk into the building (yes, I know....trespassing) and see what it feels like inside, looking out. :)

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MollyBeees said...

Holy Cow! It's like that Extreme Home Makeover show. When we first moved into our new neighborhood, we would go walk around in the houses still under construction every evening. We'd meet all of our neighbors doing the same!