Monday, October 13, 2008

"New Construction, Art Exhibit, and Back in the Neighborhood....."

Continuing our walk downtown, we headed towards the building named "Lucky". I have no idea if it is called anything other than "Lucky", but we refer to it as that because of the sign on the marquee above the entrance on University Avenue. A little history about this location......Don used to make pizzas at Paisins, which was in the little strip mall that was torn down.

Said sign.......

We also went up to the Food Court, located on the 2nd floor of the building. It has a large indoor seating area, but has some outdoor seating as well.

We then went down to the Museum of Contemporary Art to see the 2 new exhibits. I was very disappointed in one, although enjoyed this portion of it. These "ribbons" are quite colorful and certainly create a different look, covering the large expanse of glass. The "exhibit" in the first floor gallery, were more of the same "ribbons", creating walkways or a maze, if you will. It was a letdown in my opinion, but was being enjoyed by a much younger group, so I'm sure it was only me who was disappointed. I was more than disappointed after reading the Artist Statement, but again, it is only my opinion.

The 2nd exhibit was of George Segal's sculptures. We enjoyed this exhibit VERY much. Unfortunately, no photography is permitted in the gallery. Here is a link if you'd like more info on who I am writing about:

Back in the neighborhood......... Andy has sold the empty lot next to one of his Cross St. rentals, and had the closing on Tuesday, October 7th, with work beginning on the homes foundation the next about being on schedule!!! ;)

We met the "soon to be" new neighbors, Todd, Robin, and their 2 sons, Simon, and 8 week old Oliver, when we walked down to check out the work.

L to R: Rob, Lonny, and Todd.

Have Benjamin will travel........

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MollyBeees said...

You know, I just saw the Lucky Building for the first time Friday night when I went down to the Union. What DOES it mean? Weird!