Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"The Wedding Bus and Lake Photos....."

After the church photos, the wedding party and "companions", boarded a bus to take them to 2 other locations for photos, before delivering them to the Ubly Country Club, where the reception was being held. Julie had made sure that the bus was "stocked" with beverages and snacks. She knows THIS group! ;)

The first stop was at a friend of the families, who live on Lake Huron. The wedding party from left to right: Sean, Chris, Kerry, with Riley in front, Julie, Patrick, Dakota, in Rachel's arms, Mark, Kyle, and John. As you can see, Julie had changed into her "other" wedding dress. This was her original choice, but that is another story. ;)

South Bend, IN, friends, Dan and Jean, with Sean. They, along with Don and I, followed to take more photos.

Patrick was holding up quite well with all of the photo taking. This is our "mutual support" photo. Julie's Aunt Marianne, behind Patrick, was their photographer.

What is a wedding without the "Birch Photo"?

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