Friday, October 10, 2008

"Back to Routine Life...."

I began letting the chickens have the run of the backyard again about a month ago. I figured they couldn't harm any of the yards plants any longer and would benefit from the extra space. We have noticed a change in the egg yolks since they have access to the backyard (grass/seeds/bugs).....they are MUCH darker, more a shade of orange than yellow now. Since I began letting them roam, Don has also been using the hose sprayer quite a bit on the patio, to "eliminate" some major droppings left behind from the girls. They do seem, for some reason, to like to hang out by the backdoor, and watch us in the kitchen.

Copper pays absolutely no attention to Heather or Buffy. This is Heather behind Copper.

A few weeks ago, Don and I went downtown to the Chazen Museum of Art, to listen to, and see a demonstration of his drawing technique by, professional artist, Robert Schultz. It was interesting and we both enjoyed it. The museum did a wonderful job of displaying his work. (

Marcus is a model that Robert uses quite frequently. We found out during his short talk before the demonstration, that Robert will many times, use various models, including himself, in creating one form. I hope you will check out the link that I included and see why we like his work so much.

Afterward, we decided to check out the new "Lucky Building", using the walk bridge over University Avenue. I had never been on it before and enjoyed the view very much. I believe this photo looks towards the East.......

And this one looks towards the West.

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MollyBeees said...

OMGosh! Thanks for the link. What an AMAZING artist!!!