Friday, October 24, 2008

"Biddy's Reception....."

The University of Wisconsin has a new chancellor, Carolyn "Biddy" Martin. This is the first time ever, that a reception of this type, was held to welcome the chancellor to the university. It was held in the Kohl Center. As is normal in such a facility, the sound system was not the best for speakers, although when Biddy gave her talk, her voice was easily understood.

We met up with Barb and Geoff. They, like Don, both work for the university as well. Since the weather has turned cooler, I have now broken out my "winter uniform" favorite black sweater. :)

Geoff, Barb, and Don.........

It was MUCH easier to see Biddy on the screen than on the stage.

Yes, there was entertainment, too. The World Percussion Ensemble was performing outside as we walked up to the Kohl Center, and then performed again when we were seated. VERY loud, but VERY good, too! This photo does not show their group, although 4 of the members (in yellow shirts) also play in the Wind Ensemble, shown here on the left. The Concert Choir, standing on the right, also performed a number of times. All of the groups were excellent!

This is the view we had at our seats. I think you will now understand why it was easier to watch Biddy on the "big screen". ;)

The reception was fairly well attended. Most of the seats in this section were filled, as well as some to the sides. It was an interesting time.

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