Thursday, October 9, 2008

"And FINALLY.......The Reception!"

The traditional "cutting of the cake".

Julie throwing a "Bride Bear" to the younger reception attendees.

Patrick tossing the "Groom Bear".

Tina, brother in law, Van, and me.

Ryan, Chris's son, being taught to "Pitch", by Kyle, while sitting on Becky's lap. It was NOT an approved activity by me........ Maybe Becky had more to do with this than I originally thought?

And topping off the evening, was Sean, who'd caught the bouquet, and Kyle, who'd caught the garter.......their final pose after transferring the garter to Sean's leg. I won't even go into what led up to this'll have to use your imagination. ;)

This concludes the blogging entries of Patrick and Julie's wedding. It was a long time coming, eh? ;) These have been but a few of the photos that Don took that weekend, but is a small photographic journal of what an enjoyable time we had while there.

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