Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Slips, Socks, Yarn, and Things..........."

Don planted his slips that he'd taken from the "over 30 years old" coleus. The original plant was given to him by an old friend "back in the day" and it continues to thrive. Many of you have seen pots of it on our deck.

Here we have Thing 1 and Thing 2. Lonny and Charlie had a Halloween costume party to go to on Saturday night, so came over to have a photo session prior to their leaving for it.

Wouldn't Dr. Seuss be proud? :)

Here are a couple of pairs of socks that I have knitted using my hand spun yarns. Yes, I'm pretty proud of them. :) The top pair is 100% Merino Superwash (a blend of black, grey, and tan), and the lower pair is 100% Icelandic Sheep Wool (a blend of grey and brown).

I just finished this 100% Merino Superwash, "Blue Sharpie", 2 ply yarn. This was also spun to knit socks. After weighing this yarn and comparing it to the last batch of sock yarn, I had achieved more yardage with the same weight of roving, which means (I hope!) that this yarn is thinner and more consistent in size.

When we were at Don's family reunion in Des Moines last July, his cousin Kim, had taken many small cuttings from their Grandmother Anderson's Christmas Cactus, planting them in small paper cups, and making them available to all of the family. We brought this one home and set it next to the Aero garden so that it would receive more consistent light. After harvesting the last of the lettuce which I had growing, and until we receive the new water pump that has been ordered for the garden, the slip has been setting under the gardens light, soaking up the "grow rays". :) It has been growing by leaps and bounds!


MollyBeees said...

Gorgeous yarn! And I love Thing One and Thing Two. I am psyched about my costume this year. We are having an office party on Thursday. I shall wear my plastic tiara and hang a speciman cup (that I talked my clinic out of) with apple juice around my neck. I'll be 'Princess and the Pee". Hee Hee.

Maniphone said...

Hey, send some socks my way will you? Seems like I've been buying socks left and right lately. Wool socks are great but they don't seem to last very long? Is this true? Socks look fantastic!

Alana said...

That blue turned out amazing! Wish I was at my wheel instead of here at work