Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Prairie Moraine Parkway Dog Park......"

Copper and I have been going out to the dog park for exercise and to enjoy the beautiful weather. The walking has helped my lower back immensely.

We ran into neighbors Bridgett and Tracie, with dogs Ginger and Cheyenne last week. Fortunately, it was the day I had remembered to bring along the camera. :)

The dog park covers many of the parks 160 acres. Here is Copper "in the lead"........something not hard for her when walking with me. ;)

This was taken approximately 1/3 of the way back into the park, away from the parking lot, which is barely visible amongst the trees.

The dog park is deeper than it is wide. I took this photo from the outside trail (on the north side, "I think") and you're able to see the farm fields which border the south side of the dog park.

Another view of the outside trail, facing towards the back of the park.

I am sitting on the bench where the trail is at it's highest point, as well as the furthest point from the entrance, where it bends down towards the "tower" which you'll see in a couple of the upcoming photos. For once, Copper was behind me......some "interesting" smells do occasionally catch her nose and slow her up, allowing me to pass her.

The trail bends downward at the back of the dog park, leading down to the area behind the tower.

The tower that I have mentioned......

This back part of the trail is also, in my opinion, the steepest.

The tower is to my right. Everything in this photo is dog park. I'm standing on the service road for the tower.

A view up towards the tower, before we take a trail branching off from the service road.

A view partway up the branching trail. This photo may help those of you who have never been to the dog park, understand just how large the dog park is.

Another view of the trail which cuts through some White Pines.

I finally caught up with Copper again. :)

We are very fortunate to have places like these to enjoy. Even if you do not have a dog, it would be worth the drive out there to hike along it's trails and enjoy the outdoors.

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Barb said...

It's so cool to see the park through another person's lens! As you know, this is a very special place for me. Thanks for sharing your perspective. By the way, I typically walk the big circle the other direction!