Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Yesterday at the Dog Park....."

Copper and I met our friend Barb, and her dog Koshi, at the dog park yesterday. She had to work, so we met them at 7 AM. It was still dark when I left home, but progressively got lighter as I drove to the park. This is the sight that greeted me when I drove into the parking lot. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

Barb and Koshi arrived soon afterwards. We were the 2nd and 3rd cars in the lot. We never did see the other person or their dog(s). It was VERY cool and thankfully, I was dressed for the temperature, wearing 4 layers of clothing. Barb had advised me to "bundle up". :)

On Tuesday, I decided it was time to deal with the windows I took from Andy and Angela's last summer, when they replaced the windows in their house. I had somehow figured they would fit perfectly over the mesh wire of the chicken coop, giving the coop a "cottage style" look. What was I thinking??!! They serve the purpose and I guess look as good as the plastic sheeting did, but hopefully the coop will look better when I paint it next Spring. Right now, it seems a little "trashy" to me. Maybe with a flower box or 2 attached to it somehow, eh?


Barb said...

I think the coop looks absolutely fabulous!!! I suppose it will look tidier when painted, but it's really cool now too.

I'm going to steal your dog park pictures. You really captured the sunrise. Congrats on that.

I actually had my camera in my pocket but was too shy or something to get it out. sheesh!

I think I'm going to have you be a "guest poster" on my blog. I'll point to this post and call it a day. Lazy! :)

Kathy said...

That's not trashy, it's shabby chic!

I think it looks pretty good, actually, but I'm a fan of re-using things and recycling.

MollyBeees said...

I'm so glad you got pics of that sunrise. I was out walking Ben and kicked myself for not bringing my new camera along!

Alana said...

I think it looks great! I have coop envy. You have sold us on chickens we are planning for spring.

Oh thanks for the magazines they are great