Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Neighborhood "Stuff"......"

Finally, after being on "back order" for months, we received new water pumps for the Aero Garden. Don ordered 1 to use right away, and the other for "stock". :)

I planted herbs this time and they are already sprouting. The little plastic domes will come off in a few days. The large plant to the left, in the green plastic pot, is actually 1 of the original cherry tomato plants from the 1st planting of the Aero Garden last Christmas. After taking the somewhat "spent" tomato plants out of the Aero garden to replant it with lettuce, I decided to try to plant the tomatoes in soil and see if they would continue to grow. Only 1 of the 3 did, living in the shaded greenhouse all summer. I brought it into the house awhile back because of the cooler weather. I harvested a few cherry tomatoes for our salad last night. It is no where near as good a crop as it was originally, but I thought it was worth experimenting with them.

The cutting from Don's grandmothers Christmas Cactus continues to thrive under the Aero Gardens light.

The other tall, spindly plant is Basil. It, too, sat outside all summer, not doing too well actually, so I thought I would bring it in when the weather cooled outside, and set it near the Aero Gardens light. It has leafed out very nicely, and I will get to harvest some of its leaves, but I am not sure if it will continue to thrive after I do that. Guess we'll see, eh?

More on the new house construction. The cement was poured in the car port and I "think" the entry areas were poured, too. Both front and back entries have plastic covering those areas, so that is my "assumption", unless the area is ready for cement and just covered to preserve it, waiting to be finished.

I do love all of the glass.......

As you can see in this photo, the new house really isn't that much taller, if any, than the house next door. Molly Bee brought that up in an earlier comment.

Rob, being the good custodian of his home, cleaning out the leaves from his gutters. Don did that job on our house last Sunday.

Cold? What cold? We all bundled up in warm clothes and sat out on the deck. Of course, we did have the propane heater on, too. It was quite comfortable. :) Benjamin seemed very content with the whole situation.

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