Friday, October 12, 2007

"That Same Weekend...."

Our other former neighbors, Amy and Tim (standing but not identifiable), stopped by during Friday Night Happy Hour, hoping to see Maniphone, Jonathan, and the boys. Amy is holding Lilly and Andy is holding Sam while Tim juggles milk sippers. :)

Andy holding Sam. He looks like he could be a natural, eh? :)

Another reason that Amy and Tim came over, was to pick up a market bag that I had knitted/felted for her. She'd bought the yarn and I volunteered to knit the bag. She has excellent taste in colors, don't you agree?

That same weekend, on Sunday, the annual Ironman Competition was held in Madison, too. This photo shows the "change over" from bicycling to the last part of the race....running/jogging. This running goes through downtown, along State Street, where many hundreds of people stand to cheer the participants on.
Here is one healthy looking specimen, eh? Healthy in the fact that he looks like he never misses a meal!!! As you can see, we rode our trikes down to watch the race/crowds. :)

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