Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Rugs and Beer...."

As some of you know, I bought a floor loom last winter. I bought it from Mary, a c0-worker of Don's. When I bought it, Mary had warp on it for 2 rugs....a kit she had purchased and never gotten around to weaving. I wove both of them for her...#1) because she had the warp on the loom....#2) I could use the practice...#3) I wouldn't have to come up with a project of my own right away. :) Mary and her husband, Jeff, came over last week to pick up the rugs, and also to check out the deck.
I think she was pleased with the results. :)
Ahhhhhh.....the Quivey's Grove Annual Beer Fest. It is held each October and Don and I have had tickets for the past 4 years. Unfortunately, we missed going last year because of his aunt's funeral in Des Moines. The weather each time we have gone has been spectacular. This year was no exception, although MUCH warmer than normal (mid 80's with humidity!). Here are a few of the "men on a mission"......our neighbors (on the ends), Michael, and Rob, with Eric in the center, a friend of Michael's whom we know from attending a "Friday Night Happy Hour" on our deck.
The beer vendors are all under a huge tent, along with live music by Mel Ford and Westside Andy. We learned after our 1st year to bring along our own chairs. :)
Bob, Michael's father-in-law, is quite the story teller........the 2 of us held the fort down while the boys went about "critiquing" the various brands/styles of beer.....coming back occasionally to "rest".

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