Friday, October 26, 2007

"Engines, Engines, Everywhere....."

There were quite a variety of engines, coaches, boxcars, and other types of railroad cars, both in buildings and outside on tracks for us to look at....and take photos, of course! :)

This one was HUGE! Obviously, it (and some others) had seen better days, but being rusty didn't take away from the awe inspiring feeling that one got by being next to it.

It is truly amazing to think of how trains helped settle our nation. The tracks that these trains are connected to, go through a mining town (La Rue, which is basically all gone, except for a bar) and to a rock quarry (no longer a working one)........all within a 30 minute train ride (not a fast one at that) from North Freedom.

This is the engine that took us on our ride to the rock quarry.

The "poster engine" for the story, "The Little Engine That Could'? :)

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