Thursday, October 25, 2007

"More from North Freedom...."

There were many older train engines/cars (literally) to look at before we boarded the train for our ride to the old rock quarry. I'm not sure if a coat of wax would help preserve this old car or not........I know I am not volunteering to find out. :)

This coach was in beautiful condition. We'd seen a couple of women climb up and in, so we followed, thinking "HOW COOL!" :) Well....we weren't supposed to be allowed in it. It was being worked on and the door was unknowingly left open. We got a few good photos of the interior before having to exit the coach. :)

A photo from the coach platform where Don was standing (the previous photo).

The interior of the coach where we "trespassed"........pretty plush, eh?

A photo of the opposite end in the same room of the coach.. There was even a small writing desk for the passengers on my left, just out of the photos range. We did make it a little further into the coach and saw a bathroom, with a connecting shower room, which then connected to a 2 bed suite. The beds were down and made up, but I think it was also the sitting area when the beds were in the "stored" position. Unfortunately, that was when the 2 women came back, along with the man who was working on the car, and we were told that we weren't supposed to be in there. :) Thankfully, he was nice about it. :)

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geoff said...

Dang, that's the private car I'm having restored for you guys! Way to spoil the surprise! -geoff