Thursday, October 4, 2007

"More Photos From Centre Island...."

As you saw yesterday, we rented a quadracycle and rode while site seeing. The bike/walking path wound along the shoreline. I'm not sure if this is a working lighthouse or not.
"Up in the air...a bird...a plane...YES! A plane! There happened to be an air show of some sort being held on the mainland. The way we found out was when one of the planes buzzed the island and broke the sound barrier. When we were neared the end of the island, we saw numerous people heading out with their cycles, strollers, or on foot to a non-paved area of the shoreline, and naturally, being the inquisitive persons that we are....followed. :)
The air show seemed to be located not far from where we boarded the ferry on the mainland. I know that Don had tried to photograph one of the planes, but not sure if it is in this particular photo. Notice the windmill?
An artistic woven entrance to part of the shoreline.
The breakwater for the swimming area.

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