Thursday, October 18, 2007

"Otter Creek Organic Farm and Heading Home..."

We also toured an organic farm which produces milk, meat, and cheese. These products are not produced directly at the farm, but processed in the local area. Behind the listeners are Wisconsin "Happy Cows". :)

Don at the farm with the calf housing behind him (and many, many cats, too!).

The last stop of our tour was in Spring Green at a store which stocks products from the local vicinity. Meat, milk, cheeses, produce, jams, syrup, woven items......if it can be done locally, it can be found at this store, whose name, I unfortunately, do not remember.
Sarah, Barb's sister, Geoff, Barb, and myself........

Our ride home.........Don and Geoff.

Boarding the train and waving goodbye to Barb's sister, Sarah, who lives in Spring Green and took this photo.

In most cases the ride home wouldn't be worth mentioning.....this is not one of those. True, most of the ride home was uneventful.....actually slower, we think, than the trip up to Spring Green, but what makes the trip worth mentioning, is when we arrived in Madison, and were fairly close to where we would disembark, the train came to an absolute standstill. The reason......"someone" from the Wisconsin Badgers Football Game (it is unknown if they be "Fan" or "Foe"), PARKED on the train tracks!!!! The train was stuck in place until the police arrived, who in turn, called a tow truck to remove the SUV (or do I mean SOB?) from the tracks. At last, it was removed and we were soon on our way home to let Copper out, who'd not been outside since 7 AM that morning. We arrived home at 8:45 PM that night. Poor girl probably was pacing the floor worrying about us since we were supposed to be home by 7 PM (or was that because she "needed" to go out?). All things considered, we had a very nice day. It was nice to spend the day seeing the area where we live in a new light, and being able to spend more time than usual with Barb and Geoff.

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