Thursday, October 11, 2007

"Continuing Yesterday's Photo's...."

Here is Jonathan guiding Simon on Don's trike, with Michael looking on (possibly wondering if he would have enough energy for his own child). :) Simon does have energy!!! :)
Copper is demonstrating MY kind of energy. :)

Anna, Jonathan, and Maniphone "catching up", while Henry patiently looks on........

Angela trying to get Henry to leave his mothers arms and into hers.... :)

Yes.....even I had my turn at helping Simon zoom down the street. Of course, my zooming was at a slower pace than his father's......I let Copper set the pace. Can't you just hear Simon saying to her...."quick Copper....catch up!!!"

Michael tried the trike out again as well. He went around the block, down the steep hill of Glenwood, and UP Briar Hill!!!! Talk about ZOOMING, eh? :)

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