Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"A Mix of Last Weekend....."

The annual Food and Wine Show was held at the Alliant Energy Center again last weekend. We, of course, went. :) Here is Don "tasting" one vineyard's wine....there were many, many to choose from.

One of the cows from last years fund raiser for the children's hospital.

As you can see, Vince has made MAJOR progress on his garage. He is out there working on it everyday. His new garage door is due to be hung in a few weeks.....then he will breathe easier.

Michael, and his brother in law, Mitch, were at happy hour last Friday. They'd been deer hunting that day, as you can see from Mitch's attire......or wait!......maybe you can't see him because of the camouflage clothing? :)

Anna, and Travis, a friend of hers from DC, and myself, looking at Anna's newest knitting project. It is a pattern called "A Scarf Askew"........one that I used and gave to her to try. Looks good, eh? :)

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