Monday, October 1, 2007

"More of Toronto...."

Our first stop the next morning was the Royal Ontario Museum. This is the new entrance into the museum, called the Michael A. Lee-Chin Crystal (there are no right angles in the addition), designed by architect Daniel Libeskind. We spent quite a bit of time in here, although most of it in the "Canada's First Peoples" exhibit. I was raised hearing the name of an Eskimo named "Nanook of the North", and thought it was just a "make believe" name.....nope...he was a real person whose life/life style was filmed and studied. We watched some of the film documentary of those studies.
Here I am about to go into the "big top" of Cirque du Soleil". I have never been a huge fan of circuses, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It was various acts of acrobatic skill, fantastic costuming, and wonderful lighting. This was one of the company's various shows that are performed all over the world. We have tickets to see another of their shows, here in Madison, next month.
The Saturday morning of our stay in Toronto, we went to the St. Lawrence Market, a "must see" if visiting the city. The building which the market is now held in, built in 1844, was originally Toronto's 2nd City Hall, and housed a police station on the main floor (shown in the photo), with the jail in the basement. The basement now holds more booths of vendors. It was an amazing of which I would love to have again and again. I thought Madison had a great farmers market, but unfortunately, it pales in comparison......only because, in my opinion, it doesn't have a permanent home/building like Toronto's. Madison's crowd of shoppers rivals the one we walked through here, though. :)
That afternoon we took a ferry, to Centre Island, the largest island in a group of small islands, connected by bridges, from downtown Toronto. It is Toronto's version of New Yorks Central Park. This was one of the photo's that Don took while on our way over to the islands.
This is downtown Toronto from the ferry. The weather was perfect!

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