Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"Loom Prep and North Freedom....."

I have another weaving project on my loom. I spent a few days in prepping the loom in order to make it easier for me to put a warp on it. Fortunately, the things that needed to be done, will be ready for the next project, so "in theory", the loom will be ready, and hopefully, will need only the usual or normal prepping next time. I haven't put a warp on a large loom in many I'm sure that the amount of time spent this time, also had something to do with that as well. :)

Getting the warp ready to wind onto the back beam..........

Don took this photo from our moving car on the outskirts of North Freedom. Could the sky be any bluer?

This truck was parked in the lot at the train station in North freedom. How could we pass up this photo? :)

The depot at North freedom. The preservation group seems to do a really good job with taking care of the grounds and the they decorate for the season! :)

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Barb said...

I love it! Looks like maybe a rug warp or something? Or are you planning something weft faced, like fabric for a bag? I had a great idea for a weaving project while at the dog park yesterday. I think I'm going to make Koshi a collar using 3/2 cotton and tablet weaving. It will be totally unique!

I have another project in mind too. Geoff's daughter Gwen recently got engaged and will be getting married next spring or summer. I'm thinking of weaving kitchen towels and crocheting dish rags to match.