Monday, October 15, 2007

"Starting with a CUP of Coffee......."

And I do mean a CUP of coffee! We'd gone down to Evansville to check out a "Southern" Art Studio Tour. The coffee shop downtown was one of the display areas for a local artist. We took advantage of this....... :)
The next day, on our way to the Willy Street Fair, we stopped along the shore of Lake Monona. It was a "trike" day..... :)
Don on his "Tadpole". Poor boy has to constantly wait for me when he rides (or he) is really fast!
Of course, we had to ride through the crowd on our trikes. I was stopped many times and asked questions about both of the trikes. Don must look "unapproachable (?)". :)
The "Bubble Blower Car"........

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