Friday, October 5, 2007

"The Last Photos of Toronto..........."

Don is pretty good at taking photo's of us , isn't he? He has had some practice at it. :)
Centre Island had a maze that we walked into/ was actually kind of many feet had trodden through it that even the dead ends looked the same as the way to get out. :)
We're on our way back to the ferry. The quadracycles were not allowed over any of the bridges, but confined to the island furthest from the docks........not that it was a small island. :)
Load'em up.....move'em out! The ferry was less crowded on the return trip to the mainland. In our opinion, we had a full day on Centre Island even though it was mid-day when we left. :)
This was the last photo that Don took while on our trip. The next morning we packed the car and headed out of the city. Our plan was to drive as far as Benton Harbor, MI, to see my family that night, and then arrive home, here in Madison the following day, which happened to be Labor Day. The drive was uneventful, but welcomed, too. We'd been gone from home 17 days and we were both ready to be home again. We'd had a spectacular time, during both Don's bike ride and our time in Toronto, but "home" now looked very appealing. :)

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