Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here....!

Early September brought our wayward North Dakota family home for a visit. :) Left to right are myself, neighbor's Michael and Anna, my knitting mentor, Angela, with hand on Simon, his mom, Maniphone, holding brother Henry, all 3 "currently" of North Dakota. I say "currently" because we hope to have them move back to Madison someday. :) It was a "Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood....."

Jonathan, "currently" of North Dakota, trying out Don's Tadpole Trike. It was a big hit with all the family as you'll see in the following photos.......

I think I heard "Faster Daddy!" quite a bit that morning. :) I tried to talk Jonathan and Maniphone into taking Simon down to Budget Bike, where they have similar trikes that are "kid size" no avail... :(

I think Maniphone surprised (and maybe intimidated) herself at how fast she could go on the Tadpole.......maybe that is why she ignored my suggestion of one for Simon? :)

Henry gets a ride, too. I think Simon was checking to see if Maniphone really knew what she was doing. :)

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Angela said...

too cute. Thx for coming to the party - I think that Andy had a good time.