Monday, October 22, 2007

"Photos from the Maniphone and Jonathan...."

Periodically, Maniphone and Jonathan will send photos of life in North Dakota. Here are a few that arrived recently........

"Who is this and what have they done with the Simon we know???" :) We do not ever see a sleeping Simon......he usually has the energy of "Super Boy". :)

"Arrrrrrrg.....Matey" this is the Simon we know. :) Jonathan sent this to show us the progress of the entertainment center he is making for their basement. According to him, this is a very simple piece to do, and compared to other pieces he has done (a chest of drawers for Maniphone, side tables), I suppose it is. Unfortunately, I didn't realize at the time that he sent me the photos of those, that I could use them on the and learn, eh?

Henry is becoming quite the little man, eh? I hadn't seen him do his "stand up" routine. :)

It won't be long before he is staying on without help and riding by himself.....of that I am sure!

Ready for bed in their "seasonal" gear. :)

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