Monday, October 8, 2007

"Puppies and Dogs....."

I am behind in current events. I took so many days to enter things about our Toronto trip, that a lot has happened around the Madison area and hasn't yet made it onto/into (?) the blog.
Bob and Beth brought their new Golden Retriever puppy, Hannah, to one of our Friday night gatherings on the deck. Here is Copper checking out the new addition. :)
Other friends, Sheila and Penny, also have a new addition to their family. Besides Tika, their older rescued miniature dachshund, they now have Frankie. He is the sweetest little guy.
A calm moment for him. :)
We do not know these individuals personally, but saw them in action during the Midwest Sheep and Wool Festival's "herding competition", in Jefferson, WI. I look forward to going again next year, knowing what I now know about the sale barns (yarns, not sheep!). :)
This was taken during a learning/teaching situation.

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