Tuesday, September 4, 2007

"The Beginning....."

As many of you know, we have been on vacation for the past few weeks. Using the word vacation very loosely, too, I might add. :)
Don had given himself the goal, after his surgery in January, deciding to train all Spring/Summer, and then ride his bike to Toronto, Ontario. We left on August 17, 2007. The photo below is his leaving the house in Madison, beginning the trip. I, of course, was not riding a bike, but drove "back up" in the car, carrying our needed items for the trip (clothes, replacement bike parts, food/drink). :) The food was brought along for those places when we weren't able to find anywhere at the appropriate time for a resting/restorative stop.
On this 1st day, we found a place called the "Shamrock II Bar" to stop at for lunch. The woman who waited on us had seen him ride in and asked where he was riding. When he told her, "Toronto"..........she exclaimed.... "CANADA??!!" When he said yes, she then exclaimed "You're shittin me!". LOL We all had a laugh about that!
Our days route took us as far as Waupan, WI, where we stayed at "The Inn Downtown". Surprisingly, we both slept good, although the mattress was very hard. Below is Don doing his stretching before getting onto his bike for day 2's ride.
Don was going to take the "Wild Goose State Recreation Trail" for some off road cross country riding. Where he planned on getting on was located not far outside of Waupan. The people in the background of this photo, stopped and talked to us for a bit. I had made my 1st stop of the day here, since Don was going to take the trail from this point on for awhile. The man and his 2 kids had gone by me once, so on their return trip back into town, I got out and told them why I was sitting there. Fortunately, Don was almost to the trail and was able to chat with them as well, verifying my explanation. :) I'm sure many people wondered throughout the trip, why I was sitting at various places along roads.
Don making the "crossing" at Oak Center, WI (a VERY small village).
I finished my 1st piece of knitting that day and made Don try it on to make sure it was long enough, etc. It is a cowl for Julie, Patrick's girlfriend. I knitted it as a Christmas gift for her. I can write about it because I know neither of them have access to the internet and do not check out my blog. :)

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Rob said...

Michael, good shots of the intrepid rider (who looks particularly good in your cowl!).

I suspect you did get a few odd looks - sitting there in your car by the road for no apparent reason - Must have been good for your knitting, though!

I look forward to the sequels.