Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Continuing to Iron Bridge, Ontario........"

We stopped in Bruce Mines, Ontario, for lunch. The small town had a marina which we rode/drove out to and stopped to take a few photos. I never realized how big these were from just seeing them out in the water.
Next to the restaurant where we ate lunch was a small park. It had not rained up there in a very long time as you can see from how brown the grass is in the photo. It was also the place where Don changed his 1st tire. Upon leaving the restaurant, he noticed that his back tire was low/flat, so we unpacked a tube from the car (keeping his spare in his bike pack) and he changed it while I looked on. Do you think I could have taken the opportunity for some photos? Totally spaced on it until all was said and done and he mentioned something about my not taking some. What kind of documentary photographer am I? :)
After leaving Bruce Mines, we took a slight detour from the highway route. We followed the business route into a small village named Thessalon, which is on the North Channel. The North Channel separates the Manitoulin Islands and the mainland of Canada. Thessalon was a very nice little village and had a campground right across the road from this park, overlooking the water. It was here that I asked Don to get off of his bike and run at a flock of seagulls so I could take a photo like in the movie "The Last Crusade", starring Sean Connery and Harrison Ford (hopefully you know the scene by the ocean when the Nazi pilot is shooting at them and Sean Connery runs at the seagulls with his umbrella?). :) Unfortunately, Don declined his moment of movie mimicry. :(
I stopped at a log house/cabin builder and took this photo. I would LOVE to have even this small one!!! It would be a wonderful, although admittedly small studio, eh? :)
Unfortunately, the changing of the back tire in Bruce Mines wasn't to be the last that day. Here Don is changing his front tire. He got the flat tire a few miles from our destination of the day, Iron Bridge, Ontario. The front took less time to change than the back one....especially since he was "recently experienced", as well as not having to deal with the gears/chain, too.

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