Thursday, September 6, 2007

"Marinette, WI, to Cooks, MI..."

More photos from our day leaving Marinette, WI, to our destination of Cooks, MI. Our route basically took us along the Lake Michigan shoreline. As you can see in the photo(s), there was a breeze off the lake and since it was also overcast, it was a bit chilly at times. :)
A photo from another boat launch. It is amazing to me, that the launching area is so close to the lake. It must be something when the wind brings in waves from the southeast.
Taken at a roadside park. I had mentioned to Don the day before that I thought we'd see more roadside parks. As soon as we were in Michigan, there were. :)
Taken at the same roadside park........
I believe that this was taken outside of Rapid River, MI. We stopped at a park on the shore of Little Bay de Noc.
This route (Marinette, WI, to Cooks, MI) was the longest day that Don had to ride. It totaled 94 miles. That in itself was bad enough (although he didn't seem any less worse for wear at the end of it), but the last 10 miles or so was all under construction. It was bad enough driving through it let alone riding a bike on the torn up surface, plus having cars MUCH closer with less of a shoulder to ride on.

Our motel that night, was "interesting"....... It was an old one that had seen better days, but it was clean and comfortable, although I'm sure the mattress was older than me!!! :) We were just over the highway from Big Bay de Noc, which extends out into Green Bay. Since the days route had been so long, the only restaurant in that area was already closed, so I made sandwiches for us. Believe me, they were better than nothing, although I have to admit, not much! :(

The days weather ended on a high note. We'd left Marinette with an overcast sky, had sprinkles/drizzle along the way, but before getting into Cooks, the sky became clear and we had bright sunshine. A beautiful ending to an "at times" stressful day. :)

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You're home!!! I hope you had a great trip.