Sunday, September 16, 2007

"The Last Stretch Before Espanola..."

Little Lake Bog is located outside of Algoma Mills, Ontario. I used the parking lot as a stopping point, although Don did not. It was in the middle of a hill so he kept his upwards momentum and stopped a bit later. :) Not long after this was taken we happened to find a convenience store and stopped for coffee.

Deer Trail Rest Area is outside of Serpent River, Ontario. This was one of the places where I made sandwiches for lunch. Unfortunately, they were not to my taste, although Don, being the polite person that he is, said they were fine.........not sure that he used the word "good" though. :) We were in one of the areas where there were small villages, but none had restaurants.
There were a number of deer sculptures around the park.
I was very surprised when I saw that Don had not combed his hair for the "photo op". Such a "free spirit"!
Didn't I say "free spirit"? :)
This was hidden from my view at one of the places I stopped, but Don saw it from his bike as he passed, calling me on the walkie talkie to tell me about it. After getting to it the hard way, I found a path that led right to it. :) It was so peaceful, even though it was right next to the highway.
We arrived in Espanola later that day, eating that night and the next morning in the hotel. Don had to store his bike in a coat check room down in the basement as we had a 2nd level room and no elevator. It worked out very well, although it had begun raining again as we unpacked that night, continuing into the next morning. Little did we know at the time, how miserable the next days ride would be due to the weather.

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