Thursday, September 13, 2007

"On Our Way From Iron Bridge to Espanola......"

Our stay in Iron Bridge was pleasant. The motel was definitely "north woods" because the interior was all knotty pine. Very rustic looking, comfortable, but not "rustic". :) We ate both dinner the night before and breakfast the next morning at the same restaurant. I don't remember the name of it, although the owners name was Irwin. He was quite the "chatty" guy and was interesting to listen to.....of course, Don kept asking him questions, prompting him. :)
The day before, I had written that Don had changed the tubes in both tires because they were not holding air, the 2nd (front) about 3 miles out from Iron Bridge. After arriving at the motel, he noticed that his back tire was beginning to soften , so he changed it again, this time changing both tube and putting on a new tire. Afterwards, he closely inspected the old tire and found bits of glass embedded in it. Now the debate was to change the front tire and tube, too, or wait and see if it held it's air overnight. He decided to wait and see........ It was a little soft in the morning but not enough in Don's opinion to change it, so he began the day's ride, trusting that it would be fine.
We ended the day with it raining harder than it had all day, with it continuing into the night, but by morning, it had stopped and was just overcast. We noticed that it was cooler though, more so than the morning before in the Soo. The photo below gives you some idea as to the "shoulder" of the road that he rode on for most of the Trans Canada Highway, although this seems wider to me than it was in other areas. Must be my anxiety of those days coming through.... :)
The following photos are some of the scenery/things we saw that morning. For some reason, we both seem to have taken more photos that day and I have too many that I want to include in order to complete the trip from Iron Bridge to Espanola in one entry of blogging. :)
This is one of many small waterfalls along the route.
Somewhere along the route..... :)
We had sneak peeks of sunshine at times throughout the day.
I took this photo because of the changing colors in the trees. We were beginning to see more color each day. We're not sure if it is due to dry conditions or because it was time for it to happen in the far north......

As mentioned earlier, I will have more photos tomorrow of this days ride........

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