Wednesday, September 5, 2007

"Outside of Appleton to Marinette, WI...."

I'd forgotten to mention that before we got to where we were to stay the 2nd night, in Kimberly, a northwestern suburb of Appleton, it had begun to rain. It had been somewhat sunny when we'd left Waupan, but had progressively gotten more overcast the further north we went, finally sprinkling, then turning into a steady light rain as we neared our destination. Don had done an excellent job in planning the route. He'd taken us through the outskirts of Oshkosh and Appleton, or as much of it as he could, keeping us on secondary roads until it was no longer possible. I, of course, had anxiety attacks with Don riding his bike through the busy traffic areas, but he rode through like it was nothing at all.

Our 3rd day was to take us to Marinette, WI, which is on the WI/MI border. It had continued raining all night, but by the time we'd gone out to breakfast and came back to the motel, the rain had stopped. We were (in my opinion) fortunate that it was a Sunday as we had to go through a fairly populated area. Being Sunday morning, things were very quiet. :) The day was overcast, but that was fine since it wasn't too warm and Don didn't have to be as concerned about getting too much sun.
The photo below is from somewhere on the route. :) It seems that it was an Elk farm.
It started raining again sometime during the morning. Our route took us through the Oneida Indian Reservation. This is an elementary school that I thought was interesting. I was intrigued by the entry area....almost like the opening of a huge cave which gave one the feeling of safety/home. It was very welcoming...... Another interesting thing that we saw on the reservation, was gas stations that had small casinos attached to them. When I say small, I mean no larger than what a small restaurant might be.
Thankfully, as we got closer to Lake Michigan/Green Bay, the rain subsided and things began to clear up. I took this photo at a boat launch called "Stoney Point", which lead right out into the Bay.
I took this photo as we were to going through a small town. This was totally abandoned, but I thought very cool. I couldn't understand why it was in such shape. I did walk to just inside the front door and the place was a wreck. I would love to have such a house!

The entire structure was covered with earth except the entry way , south facing wall, and garage. It was huge! Very cool....very sad to see it in such shape.We made it to Marinette, WI, that day and stayed in a hotel where our room had a beautiful view, overlooking Michigan. :) That night we crossed over into Menominee, MI, where we ate at the "Pirate's Cove", a bar that was across from a lake shore park and marina. On our trip through Menominee 2 summers ago, we stopped here and walked out onto the breakwater. It is a very beautiful spot......

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Barbara said...

Ooooooooh, thank you, thank you, thank you! It's really fun to read your trip stories. Wow, all the way to the UP in three days! Amazing!


p.s. love the cowl, beautiful!