Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Shelbourne to TORONTO!!!"

This is another photo showing one of the many views we had the morning of our last day on the road.
I'd stopped at a McDonald's, hoping to get a cappuccino, just outside of Owen Sound. Don caught up with me and suggested we go into Owen Sound, rather than around it. I agreed as there was a bicycle shop in the city and I thought that perhaps he'd like to stop at it if it were along the route. I found it, but it was a few blocks off from the new route, so he didn't check it out. Unfortunately, Owen Sound seemed to be made up of all hills and valleys. His climb up a hill didn't allow him to coast down the other side before going up another, because there seemed to always be a stop light at the bottom. Poor Pato..........a lot of climbing in a short amount of time, although we don't know if the original route was any different. The following photo doesn't do justice to what the climb actually was, but perhaps you can see the hills in the distance. Yes.....he did climb up each one. :)
Do you think he'd had enough "Cool Blue Gatorade"?
His arrival at the "Barefoot Inn" in Toronto!!!! Toronto was the 1st place where we'd ever lost touch during the ride. Our walkie-talkies wouldn't work....we think because of so much interference/competition in the city. He had taken a city bike trail while I went along the city streets (naturally). :) I'd waited for him at what I thought was the agreed upon spot, but he didn't show up, so I thought that perhaps he'd gotten there and continued on to the Inn. There was a lot of second guessing going on by both of us. I ended up going to the B&B, unloaded the car, and then set out to go back along the route, hoping to make contact with him. I had barely gone 2 blocks when he came through via the walkie talkie!!! He was almost to the B&B, so I turned around, parked, and got the camera out to document his arrival! YEA!
We had the entire 3rd floor of the Barefoot Inn, which included our own private balcony. Here I am writing a letter to my Dad. The balcony helped make our stay in Toronto even more enjoyable.


Angela said...

Great photos - per usual!

Barb said...

Yeah, you made it! What an incredible accomplishment, and what a great porch! I'm sure that alone was worth the ride... :-)