Friday, September 7, 2007

"Cooks, MI, to Naubinway, MI...."

We awoke to a gorgeous day! Maybe it was because we were right on the water, but the sun seemed so much brighter and the air was so crisp! As luck would have it....... again....., the only restaurant was closed. Seems we were up too early for them that day. :( So......Don had to make do with a few pieces of deli meat, cheddar cheese, and the "almighty" Gatorade, until we could get to a place to eat, which in this case, was to be in Manistique, MI, about 20 miles from Cooks. It was a beautiful ride to get there, because we were able to begin taking a back road route (there actually were some!) and get off of the highway.

This is the old water tower in Manistique.
Fortunately, a woman working at a convenience store outside of Cooks, had told us the night before, that Manistique had a "Big Boy" restaurant. Luckily she did, otherwise we may have stopped at one of the 1st fast food places we saw, rather than continuing on until we located the "Big Boy" on the outskirts, east of Manistique. There was a park across from the restaurant where I stopped and took this photo of the lighthouse. As you can see, the wind was still strong enough to cause "breakers".
Naubinway, MI, is the only, still working, fishing village on Lake Michigan. Or so we were told or we read that somewhere. I'm finding that pretty hard to believe, unless many of the fishing boats were out fishing while we were there. The Village of Naubinway is in the background, across from the harbor. It isn't very large, but was one of the largest villages/towns that we went through while in the UP. Unfortunately, most of the businesses and many of the homes were for sale, (including both places we ate, as well as the motel where we stayed), due to the poor economy.
These 2 boats were the only ones in the harbor/marina.
One of the very few photos of Don in "non-biking" gear. :) This was taken at the Naubinway Harbor. (remember you can "click" on a photo to enlarge it...)

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