Thursday, September 27, 2007


Don in front of the Bearfoot Inn. Our balcony railing is just visible up in the middle of the roof area.
Don did some online research for knit shops in Toronto and found Romni Wool Yarn Shop. The place is amazing!!!! It was huge....2 floors, packed to the gills with yarns of all kinds....truly an amazing variety of yarns. This photo was taken in the lower level. Can you tell it was hot and no air conditioning?
We'd taken the subway part of the way to get to Romni Wool but we also had a bit of walking to do as well. We stopped at another shop which was in between the subway and Romni.....nice shop but VERY small, although we did buy some interesting buttons made out of tree branches.
Our 2nd night in Toronto, we ate outdoors at a very cool restaurant called Zelda's, around the corner from the B&B. It had been a very long day of site seeing and walking, so we'd taken a taxi was soooooo good to sit down, have drinks/dinner. :) (They had EXCELLENT Bloody Mary's!)
Our 2nd day of exploring.....the CN Tower in the background. Don wanted to go up in it and I suggested he go by himself. :) I am NOT good with heights........he sacrificed and stayed on the ground with me. The elevator is on the outside of the tower, plus there is a glass floor when you get off of it. Not, in my opinion, a place for those who are afraid of heights! :(

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