Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"South Baymouth Morning......"

Finally......a gorgeous sunrise for us! It was still cloudy and somewhat overcast (cool, too!) but the day promised to be a beautiful one. The area where we will be lining up for the ferry is on the other side of the small median/light posts that you can see in the photo. Actually, I ended up right next to the picnic table and tree that you see in the photo.
Here is Don's recumbent, up with the other leaders of the "pack". :) Bicycles and motorcycles were the 1st vehicles to be allowed onto the ferry. They are also the 1st to be allowed to disembark, too. They're tied/lashed (rope, oops, I mean, lines, are provided by the ferry) down so that if there is rough weather, they will not tip over in the hold.
Those passengers coming from Tobermory, on the mainland, disembarking after their ride to South Baymouth. As the ferry entered the channel where it would dock, those waiting to catch the ferry, who'd walked to the shops and restaurants, rushed to get to their cars, like ants scurrying around an anthill. You could feel the excitement in the air........
We'd decided not to be one of the scurrying people and waited until we were aboard to eat breakfast, which was surprisingly good.
A better view of South Baymouth. Our motel is the one with the chalet type office/gift shop. We had the end room which had picture windows on 2 sides of the room, facing both the bay and the channel. You can see what I mean if you look closely (double click for an enlarged view). Our room is the one between the phone booth and the tall pine.......1 of the picture windows is very prominent.
The ride on the ferry was beautiful, as you will see in tomorrows entry. :)

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