Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"The Tropical, Prehistoric Look...."

Rob, our next door neighbor, has been looking for plants that have a prehistoric, tropical look to plant in his yard. His Castor beans fit the bill this year. Some of the leaves are a big as small umbrellas with the plants reaching to almost the roof line.

He has planted the Castor bean plants out in front of his house and also along the side between our houses.

On his deck in back, he has brought out his potted house plants. They continue to get larger and larger as well. :)

The leaves of this one are huge as well.

Perhaps we'll soon be eating some fresh, homegrown bananas? In the cooler weather, all of his plants (minus the Castor beans) are in his front room. It truly is a tropical paradise. He'll have a humidifier running so the air is warm with moisture. Who needs to go to Olbrich Gardens when we can just walk next door? :)

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