Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Lush Growth...."

The heat this summer, along with daily watering, have helped our plants to grow profusely. "Most" of our potted plants as well as those planted directly in the ground have done extremely well (with the exception of 1 of my tomatoes which began wilting and is now thoroughly dead). Our neighbor, Rob, planted Castor Beans and Sunflowers along the side of his house. As you can see, they have stretched out in height as well as width! I wonder if we will be able to walk between the houses by the end of September?! My pole beans, which I started late due to being in Michigan through most of June, have grown quickly, and hopefully, I will be able to harvest some before frost. I am disappointed in my dahlias this year. I planted them early in the greenhouse and they flowered early this year, but have produced mainly leaves, not flowers. I don't think I will keep these over the winter this year. Anyone is welcome to the tubers if you are so inclined. :)

On the right is my other tomato plant that is producing very well. I have yet to pick any green peppers from the pot on the right, but will shortly. The coleus, in the pot with the peppers, were thrown in with the small pepper plants when I accidentally broke some pieces off when moving them. Since the potted plants have gotten daily watering, the coleus "starts" took off like crazy and have become HUGE!! The empty "shepherds hook" behind the pepper/coleus pot used to hold the hanging pot of impatiens in the photo below this one.

The pot of impatiens got so heavy from all of the growth, it started to lean towards the deck and would have soon have touched it, so I decided to just take it off and have it become a permanent plant on the deck bench, adding color to that area. :)

The "Parent" coleus plants........which have taken on the shape/size of bushes. :)

I had to move the pot of white impatiens off of the steps and down into the bed next to them. They had become so large, they were starting to limit access to the deck. The impatiens on the deck rail are immense! We get compliments on them all of the time. :)

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Amy said...

I thought of you last night with the never ending thunderstorms. I hope Copper is doing ok with all the stormy weather.