Monday, August 6, 2007

"At Patrick's Request......"

I have been busy knitting baby things for the past few weeks in order to have them done in time to ship to Patrick (before we leave on our bike trip) for a friend of his and Julies. Nicky, if I have it correct, was both Patrick and Julies roommate in college, but at different times. Patrick and Julie had met each other up at Lake Superior State in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, through Nicky, but didn't know each other well. After graduating, they met again at another friends wedding and began "seeing" each other after that. The rest is history....(and future, we hope) :) But I Patrick's request, I knitted a "Ear Flap" stocking cap for the new baby.....a girl, but he wanted it in camouflage colors because he and Nicky's husband are both hunters. I said fine, I could do that because the pattern I use for the hat uses 2 strands of yarn. I used Lamb's Pride worsted yarn (a mixture of wool and mohair), Old Sage and Sable. I also have a pattern for mittens that uses worsted yarn, so knitted a matching pair using the Old Sage.

I decided that perhaps Nicky might want something a bit more feminine, since her baby was a girl (outdoor pursuits can come later), so I went ahead and knitted another outfit for her, too. I used the "Royal Baby Set" pattern from Blue Sky Alpacas for the sleeveless wrap and hat, although the booties were from another source. The yarn is from Blue Sky Alpacas, too.....their sport weight in Peach.

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